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Aurus Ship Management Pvt. Ltd and Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd to join forces as ‘Columbia Aurus Ship Management’ India

 13 Jun, 2022

Aurus Ship Management Pvt. Ltd and Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd to join forces as ‘Columbia Aurus Ship Management’ India

Columbia Aurus Ship Management will tap into the Indian crewing market to further consolidate Columbia’s march eastwards.

Mumbai, India – (June 13, 2022): Aurus Ship Management, has signed an agreement with Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM) to explore various ship management opportunities in the Indian market.

As part of the agreement, Aurus Ship Management will be renamed Columbia Aurus Ship Management (CASM) and will work to become the leading provider of maritime services in the Indian market.

Services offered by the newly renamed entity will fall within the scope of the traditional business of Aurus Ship Management including recruitment of crew, purchasing, payroll management and technical services. With a particular focus on attracting, training, and retaining experienced and qualified crew, it is the aim of the rebranded set-up to become synonymous with maritime excellence throughout India. Combining CSM’s advanced development of in-house and external training resources, CASM will capitalise on the immense wealth of experience in the local and national Indian crewing market.

The move, which will ensure the supply of highly qualified and dedicated crewmembers from India and is seen as a way for CSM to increase its footprint in this very important market. By the implementation of a CSM Cadet Program in close collaboration with Aurus and Indian Academies, both parties will attract young talent, contribute to the further enhancement of the seafarer skillset and secure long term employment.

Drawing on a combined total of over 45 years of experience, both CSM and Aurus are convinced of the mutual benefits a partnership in this form will bring. CASM will leverage the existing local expertise of the well-established Aurus name in India and the international knowhow and size of the CSM name to become a true force in the Indian maritime ecosystem. Looking to capitalise on the advent of future green technologies and changes in the maritime space, the new company will be forward-looking, flexible and innovative in its approach.

Prakash Agarwal, CEO of AURUS said: “It is our immense pleasure to be chosen as the Indian partner of Columbia Shipmanagement in India and we very much look forward to working with them in partnership. To reflect our new relationship, Aurus has changed its name to Columbia Aurus Ship Management to signify our commitment and the exciting times ahead.

Aurus Ship Management commenced operations just six years ago and we are proud that Columbia Shipmanagement considers us worthy of partnering them in India. We believe it recognizes the professionalism of our team of shore-based employees and the values of the company that has seen exponential growth in its business activities.

We believe the partnership with CSM will provide new and exciting career opportunities over the coming years for those seafarers who choose to come and work with us. There is no doubt this partnership will further enhance the existing very high reputation of the Indian seafarer within the International Maritime Industry.

We are very excited and look forward to being part of the Columbia family.

Mark O’Neil, CEO of CSM, said: “When forming a partnership with another company it is vital that the two cultures of their businesses are aligned. In Aurus we have found this partner. A leader in the Indian crew recruitment space, Aurus, like CSM, prioritises the needs of seafarers and its workforce. Crucially, both companies believe in operating in the most environmentally and socially conscious way whilst making informed and ambitious commercial decisions. We look forward to making CASM a success based on this shared vision and are very excited about what the future holds.”

About Aurus:

Aurus Ship Management Private Limited was incorporated by like-minded professionals with a rich experience in ship crew management services in February 2016. The management team, being from the erstwhile Bibby Ship Management India, is well conversant with the procedures and practices of the shipping industry.

With a collective and rich experience of more than 200 years of the crewing team, the business growth in its six years’ existence has been remarkable. The goodwill and reputation Aurus commands amongst Seafarers and clientele is evidenced by its phenomenal growth. Aurus’ belief in ethical conduct of business has helped in its remarkable higher retention rates, both for clients, seafarers, and shore staff.

For more information, please visit: www.aurusshipmanagement.com

About Columbia Shipmanagement:

For over 40 years, Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM) has provided world-class ship management and crew management services to the global shipping industry. A global presence with more than 20 management and representative offices, crew agencies and training centres worldwide connects us to our 15,000 employees on land and sea.

CSM offers a fully transparent and flexible turnkey services portfolio, cooperating closely with its global partners to drive bottom line value and leverage economies of scale. Our services are cost-efficient and fully optimised to the individual client’s business scenario, resulting in the delivery of top-quality customisable and modular maritime solutions.

For more information, please visit: www.columbia-shipmanagement.com

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